True Skin

Updated: DECEMBER 19, 2016

Trueskin is a trademarked name for a certain products made with an extremely soft and silky version of thermal plastic elastomer (TPE) material. Very similar products are sold under names like PassionSkin, PleasureSkin, SensaFirm and Techno-skin. Trueskin is primarily used to make dildos and vibrators with a realistic or life-like feel.

More About True Skin

Trueskin products are known to have a strong odor that does not fade over time which raises questions as to its toxicity and safety. The material is delicate and tears easily even under the pressure of the user's finger nail. It is extremely porous, extremely delicate, and of questionable toxicity. It is recommended that a condom be used during each use. Trueskin products change color over time and must be stored in a cool dark place. They are also known to attract dust. In general, the material is extremely high maintenance.


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