Trinity Knot Bra

Updated: MAY 7, 2018

A trinity knot bra is a type of breast bondage formation featuring trinity knots which creates a pattern resembling a bra. It is typically tied onto a female submissive, but could also be tied onto a male submissive, especially for humiliation and sissification.

A trinity knot bra usually has a simple halter-neck design, with single ropes underneath and above the breasts and a row of trinity knots between them. As they are tied directly onto the submissive, they are appropriate for submissives of any size or shape.

More About Trinity Knot Bra

Trinity knots are traditional Celtic knots made with a single rope looped three times. The rope ends are woven through the loops to create an intricate triangular design. Trinity knots are thought to represent many things, including eternal love, the cycles of life, and religious or spiritual trinities. These meanings may add extra significance to trinity knot bras for the people who use them.

Unlike most rope bondage formations, a trinity knot bra is not designed to restrain the submissive, although it may be used in conjunction with more restrictive rope formations. It can also make wearers feel restricted, which reinforces their submissive role. A trinity knot bra also draws attention to the breasts and, depending on how tightly it’s tied on, makes them appear larger. Wearing a trinity knot bra can make a woman’s breasts more sensitive, which is ideal for sensation play and nipple torture.

Wearing a trinity knot bra is relatively safe compared to other rope bondage practices. However, there is a small risk of circulation loss. Dominants should monitor their submissives at all time and undo the bra should their breasts turn blue or lose feeling.


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