Updated: JUNE 22, 2020

A tightlacer is someone who practices tightlacing. Tightlacing, otherwise known as waist training or corset training, is when an individual wears a tightly laced corset to achieve a cosmetic modification to reduce one's waist size or to experience bodily restriction. Historically, corsets and tightlacing have been used to create a slimmer waist.

More About Tightlacer

A tightlacer is someone who uses a corset to train one's body into a smaller waist. Occasionally, this can also slim the rib cage, change the bust line, and breast shape. Decreasing the size of one's waist is an aesthetic that some enjoy. Historically, a smaller waist has been viewed as a form of beauty. Further, the restrictions that corsets place upon movement and the female body evoke connotations and ideas of restraint that are socially relevant and sometimes the desired effect of the wearer. However, make sure that you practice tightlacing in a safe way. It has been shown that misuse of tightlacing can damage your organs.


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