Updated: JUNE 25, 2018

Thumbcuffs are a metal device that locks the thumbs close together. This restraining device was originally used by detectives, narcotics officers, and other law officials who were attracted to their easy portability and ability to conceal. However, their use is now widespread among the BDSM community.

The wearer must extend their thumbs completely to apply the thumbcuffs. They are worn below the knuckles which prevent them from slipping off. They can be removed using the key provided.

Most thumbcuffs have a rigid design, but those used in some Asian countries appear like miniature handcuffs and have small chains linking each cuff.

More About Thumbcuffs

Thumbcuffs can restrain a submissive partner’s hands in front of the body or behind the back for even greater restraint. Thumbcuffs can also serve as toe cuffs when they restrain the big toes close together.

Unlike handcuffs which can be applied during a struggle, the submissive partner must cooperate when thumbcuffs are applied to ensure a snug fit. They should be used carefully. Tight cuffs can block blood circulation. This can cause pain and injury over time. Handcuffs are a much safer means of restraint. Thumbcuffs with a double lock are safest. These typically have a lockspring which stops the thumbcuff from tightening and causing injury while being used.


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