The Prayer Tie

Updated: MAY 7, 2018

The prayer tie is a bondage technique which ties a submissive’s wrists together in front. This technique encourages a submissive to stay in a position typical of praying.

A common variation of the prayer tie, called the reverse prayer tie, holds a submissive’s wrists in the prayer position behind their back.

More About The Prayer Tie

There is no set way to tie a prayer tie. Instead, a prayer tie refers only to the position a submissive is tied in. In the prayer tie position, the submissive’s hands are pressed palm to palm, with the fingers standing straight up. Rope or a leather strap is wrapped around the wrists to reinforce this position. A prayer tie typically holds the wrists to the chest. The rope or leather strap also wraps around the front of the forearm to the submissive’s back, holding their arms up in the praying position.

The prayer tie forces the submissive’s body into a fairly natural position, so it shouldn’t cause too much discomfort. However, as with all bondage that forces the body into a set position for an extended period of time, dominants should take care and monitor their submissives closely. The body turning blue, tingling, or losing feeling are all signs circulation has been restricted or nerves could be damaged. Dominants should release the prayer tie if they note any of these warning signals.


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