The Glowing Triangle Position

Updated: JUNE 25, 2021

The Glowing Triangle resembles Missionary with a bit of a role reversal twist. As with the Missionary position, the receiver lies on their back and the giver is on top. However, instead of the giver laying on the receiver and thrusting, the giver remains stationary on their hands and knees, making it necessary for the receiver to lift their pelvis and control the thrusting.

diagram of the glowing triangle sex position - the giver is on their hands and knees while the receiver lies under them, lifting their hips to thrust

To get into this sex position, get into Missionary position like usual. Instead of pressing their hips into the receiver, the partner on top will leave a bit of space between their bodies, pulling away. This gives the receiving partner enough space to move their hips, grinding upwards into the penetrating partner's hips. This allows the bottom partner to control the movement, setting the pace, speed, and depth of penetration.

More About The Glowing Triangle Position

If you both love Missionary position but want to switch it up a bit, the Glowing Triangle position can be a great way to start. Since the receiving partner controls the movements, this "familiar" position can feel like a whole new position once someone else is in the driver's seat!

Even though the receiving partner is facilitating the movement, though, the penetrating partner still has a vital role to play. Their hip placement can really change the stimulation here. A different pelvic tilt can drastically effect where the penis (or strap-on dildo!) hits within the receiver. Because of this, it may take a bit of trial and error with different angles to find the best fit for the two of you. The penetrating partner may need to try new static positions while the receiving partner may need to experiment with what hip movements feel best.

Depending on how strenuous you both get with the Glowing Triangle position, it's possible this position will provide less in-and-out thrusting than its Missionary counterpart. This can work great for some couples, reducing the speed of the penetrating partner's climb to orgasm. For some couples, however, it's possible that the Glowing Triangle may not offer enough in-and-out penetration for the penetrating partner to orgasm. If that's the case, consider enjoying the Glowing Triangle as long as you both would like and transitioning over to your tried-and-true Missionary position when you both are ready.

You can also add stimulation to the Glowing Triangle in other ways, though. A vibrating cock ring can be an A+ addition to this position. Not only does it respect that your hands are busy elsewhere, but the vibrating surface of the ring can be a great spot for a clitoris-owner to aim for with their upward grinding. The additional vibrations can add pleasure for both partners without needing to sacrifice the support of a hand elsewhere.

Although this sex position lets the receiver set the tempo and pace, this position can also be a bit exhausting. Stacking pillows under their butt or using a sex wedge can make the Glowing Triangle much easier to maintain - and just as pleasurable.

Couples can also focus on smaller, grinding movements instead of facilitating long thrusts. With a wedge underneath the receiver's hips, they can focus on sliding their body along their partner's body instead of moving closer - then further away. This smaller movement can provide pleasure for both partners while reducing the heavy lifting the receiving partner needs to do.

Even with these modifications, the Glowing Triangle sex position may not be a good fit for all couples. The penetrating partner needs to hold a static position, and the receiving partner needs to have the stamina and strength to grind upwards. Don't worry if the Glowing Triangle position isn't a good fit for you; there are hundreds of other sex positions that can be a great fit in our database. Remember: sex is about a good time and connection, and it can be hard to achieve that if you're too uncomfortable to focus! Instead, choose another sex position that better honors the bodies you're in today.


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