Updated: OCTOBER 26, 2021
Reviewed by Dr. Sunny Rodgers
on October 17, 2021

A Sybian is a masturbation aid consisting of a motorized saddle-like seat, usually with a protruding rod, that can be vaginally or anally inserted. It is used to realistically simulate penetrative sex.

First conceived in the 1970s, inventor Dave Lampert built his first prototype in 1985. It was officially released in 1987. Lampert designed the device after his research found women find orgasming easiest in the girl-on-top sex position. He hoped his device would help women get in touch with their sexuality and master orgasming in this position. Originally called the Master Better, a play on masturbator, Lampert settled on the name Sybian after the Ancient Greek city Sybaris known for its luxury.

People using the Sybian simply straddle the device, then lower their vaginas or anuses down onto the rod. During vaginal stimulation, users are encouraged to rock their pelvis backward and forward while the Sybian rod penetrates them with an up and down motion, simulating the ideal sexual moves for orgasm. A ridge on the top of the Sybian vibrates to provide clitoral stimulation to complement penetration. Speed controllers allow the user to adjust the speed of the vibrations for the perfect stimulation. There are also various flexible dildo-style attachments that users can swap out to change up the experience. These attachments vibrate and rotate gently to stimulate the G-spot and vaginal walls.

Over time, Sybian has added new designs to its range. These include a flat top design for people who love external stimulation and double rod designs for double penetration. There are also Sybians with rods of different shapes and sizes.

While Lampert designed the Sybian for women, people of any gender can use it. People without vaginas can use the device for anal insertion. Flat top designs allow people of any gender to enjoy the vibrations.

A Sybian is sometimes called a Sybian saddle, due to its saddle-like design. The term usually refers to the original sex machine with the brand name Sybian. However, people may also use the term when describing similar sex machines made by other companies. All these devices are also sometimes known as vibrating saddle machines.

More About Sybian

The Sybian provides a hands-free alternative to traditional masturbation. Once you set the controls up, you can simply focus on your own pleasure. This makes masturbating with a Sybian feel more like enjoying sex with a partner than using a dildo or vibrator does.

While using the Sybian alone is fun, developers designed it for use with a partner. People might use it for foreplay or during sex for double penetration. The device also comes with a matching stool, which a partner could sit in while watching and touching their partner enjoy the Sybian.

Using a Sybian with lubricant can make insertion easier and more pleasurable. A water-based lubricant is the best option because it won’t degrade the attachments. Oil-based lubricants can damage the standard rubber attachments while silicone-based lubricants can erode the optional premium silicone parts.

It’s also important to be really turned on for the best sexual experience. You might want to start slow, using gentle vibrations to massage your clitoris and genitals before you insert the rod. If you’re playing with a partner, they might spend time kissing and caressing you before you straddle the Sybian. They can continue touching your body while you use the Sybian.

Some people complain that the Sybian is a little noisy. That extra noise can make getting in the mood and reaching orgasm challenging. You can reduce the noise by using the Sybian on a soft surface such as a carpeted floor or rug. The soft surface will absorb the Sybian’s vibrations and make the device much quieter. If it’s still loud, you could put on some sexy music to drown it out.

Using a Sybian is a low-risk sexual activity, but it’s important to maintain the device’s attachments. You should wash the attachments thoroughly with a mild soap and water before and after each use. If you’ve used the Sybian for anal stimulation, wash the attachments thoroughly before switching to vaginal penetration. Or consider using condoms on the attachments, which can be replaced before moving from one opening to another. The anus contains bacteria which could get transferred to the vagina otherwise.


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