Squeeze Technique

Updated: MARCH 2, 2020

The squeeze technique is a method of delaying orgasm. To perform the squeeze technique, a man squeezes his penis before ejaculation occurs. Developed by pioneering American sexologists William Masters and Virginia Johnson, it is one of the oldest techniques for delaying orgasm.

There have been no clinical studies, but anecdotal evidence suggests that the squeeze technique is a successful technique for helping men that suffer from premature ejaculation. For this reason, it’s become one of the most popular behavioral therapies for this condition. Men may also choose to practice the squeeze technique to delay orgasm to experience longer lasting sexual intercourse.

More About Squeeze Technique

The squeeze technique is easiest to practice during masturbation, either solo or with a partner. The man should firmly squeeze the area between the penis’ shaft and glans between his thumb and forefinger for roughly 30 seconds immediately before he thinks ejaculation will occur. This squeeze should be repeated four or five times or until a man decides to orgasm.

A man may get his partner to squeeze the penis rather than performing the act himself to cultivate intimacy. It can also be easier for a partner to squeeze the penis in the right way.

For maximum effectiveness, a man should practice the squeeze technique for several months. Over time, the man will be able to recognize when he’s on the brink of orgasm which will help him delay his orgasms. The squeeze technique can be enhanced if practiced along with other methods of delaying orgasm, like thinking about something other than sex or taking a deep breath before orgasm.

After practicing ejaculation control through masturbation, a man may move on to practicing this technique during oral sex and then sexual intercourse.

With practice, the squeeze technique has proven to be a successful way to delay ejaculation. However, it also diminishes a man’s erection. This can usually be corrected by self-stimulation or the touch of his partner. The squeeze technique can also take a toll on normal sexual activity. For this reason, it’s important that partners inform themselves about the technique and show patience and understanding. They should also continue to enjoy normal sexual activity in addition to the more clinical practice of the squeeze technique.


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