Spider Tie

Updated: APRIL 16, 2018

A spider tie is a type of decorative tie in Agura rope bondage. As with other Agura ties, it is used to tie a submissive person in a cross-legged position. The spider tie gets its name because is creates a rope design which appears like a spider’s web. Spider ties are commonly used within the BDSM community to restrict the movements of submissives and reinforce power roles in relationships.

More About Spider Tie

To create spider ties, dominants use their rope to create radial lines between their submissives’ crossed legs. They then create rope spirals between the radial lines. These spirals might move outwards from the center or inwards from the outside. Munter hitches or simple twists can fix the rope at the intersections of the spirals and radial lines. The tension between the intersections should be consistent throughout the web. Cinching the rope loops around a submissive’s legs will make a spider tie more restrictive. Be careful not to make ties too tight around the inside of the legs, where tendons and major blood vessels are located.

Spider ties should immobilize submissives. While their movements are restricted, they should also feel supported by the tie.

Since the spider tie holds submissives in a natural sitting position, it is a good choice for keeping them tied up for an extended period of time. That makes the spider tie ideal for creating human furniture and display pieces, for example.

Alternatively, once the spider tie is in place a dominant can push the submissive over onto their front. This makes the submissive helpless for whipping, flogging, and sexual stimulation from behind. This position tends to be better than the seated position for genital stimulation, as the genitals are difficult to access through a spider tie.

Once the spider tie is in place it can be difficult to move a submissive. Dominants should make sure they’re happy with their submissives’ location before tying this tie.

A spider tie can be used alone or in combination with other bondage ties and paraphernalia, like ties that hold hands behind the back and chest harnesses.


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