Updated: JANUARY 21, 2019

Somnophilia is the urge to have a sexual encounter with someone who is asleep. Somnophiliacs are aroused by sleeping or unconscious individuals. Although paraphilias, or intense sexual desires, are common, they can be a serious problem when they interfere with a person's life in a destructive way. Strong urges toward somnophilia often pose problems because unconscious partners are unable to give consent to sexual contact.

More About Somnophilia

People who have somnophilia may not wish to cause harm or force violence on someone. However, they receive sexual arousal and orgasm by intruding on and touching or fondling a sleeping person. If these urges are acted on as part of a consensual scenario, this can be perfectly safe, fun, and legal. Those who can't control urges around somnophilia and who do not ask for consent may benefit by seeking treatment.


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