Updated: DECEMBER 19, 2016

SoftSkins is a porous material that is often used to make various types of sex toys such as dildos and vibrators. Its main components include several variations of thermal plastic elastomer (TPE), silicone, and a mixture of polyvinyl chloride. It is manufactured to closely resemble real human skin. Because of its exceptionally high molecular density, this material is extremely flexible. However, it can be hard to clean since the porous surface harbors bacteria.

More About SoftSkins

By this token, it is recommended to use any SoftSkins toy with a condom. This particular material is also extremely sensitive and should regularly be cleaned with soap and warm water. It is recommended to use an antibacterial soap or a specialized soap cleaner on anal toys made from SoftSkins. As far as lubricants are concerned, SoftSkins is only compatible with water based products. Its major advantage is that it can very easily mimic the look and feel of actual skin.

SoftSkins may also contain phthalates which can trigger an adverse reaction in some people. As far as maintenance is concerned, users should avoid baby or talc powder with this material since it can stick to the surface. It is therefore advisable to occasionally sprinkle cornstarch or sex-toy renewing powder across the surface to ensure the longevity of your toy.


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