Snake Whip

Updated: OCTOBER 2, 2017

A snake whip is a variety of single-tailed whip used for managing cattle and BDSM play. This braided whip gets its name because when it is curled into a small circle, it resembles a coiled snake.

Full-sized snake whips, sometimes called black snake whips, have diameters of at least one inch and measure at least four feet, excluding their falls and crackers. Pocket varieties are typically smaller, measuring from three feet.

More About Snake Whip

A dominant in a BDSM relationship may use a snake whip to punish a disobedient submissive or simply to spice up a scene.

Snake whips differ from bull whips because they have small flexible handle knots, known as butt knots, rather than stiff handle sections. This makes them easy to coil up for easy transportation in a bag or pocket. The more you use a snake whip, the more flexible it will become.

Snake whips look a lot like single tail whips, although they have an extra piece of leather called a “fall” between the cracker and the end of the whip’s body, just like a bull whip does. Due to the similarities snake whips share with both bull whips and single tail whips, many consider snake whips a hybrid of the other whip varieties.

Snake whips are traditionally made from leather, but you will see versions made from vinyl and other manmade materials. These materials are porous, so you ideally shouldn’t share them with multiple partners. If you must, make sure you change the cracker with every new partner.

As with all whips, it’s important that you play safely with snake whips. They are potentially dangerous tools capable of administering very intense and painful punishments. Since the part that makes contact with the body is very small, the pain is confined to a small, impacted area. Cuts and abrasions can and do occur, so make sure you play with a first aid kit featuring antibacterial cleaner and latex gloves nearby.

Restrict your whipping to the buttocks, thighs, and back. You should never strike the spine, kidneys, neck, or face.

It can be difficult to control the intensity of your whipping and avoid wrapping, so practice your technique on a soft toy or pillow before you play with another person. Pocket snake whips are easier to manage than larger black snake whips, so they are a better choice for beginners.


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