Shrew's Fiddle

Updated: MARCH 7, 2016

A shrew's fiddle is a BDSM restraint device with three holes. The largest hole locks around the neck. The device protrudes forward locking the wrists in two smaller holes in front of the wearer’s face. Shrew’s fiddles are usually made from metal or wood.

More About Shrew's Fiddle

The shrew’s fiddle, or neck violin, originated as a German medieval torture device. It was made from 2 pieces of hinged wood with three openings: one for the head and two smaller holes for the hands. The device resembled a violin or fiddle, hence the name. The shrew’s fiddle was used on women being punished for arguing or fighting. They were paraded through the streets wearing the device and humiliated. Sometimes a double shrew’s fiddle was employed that fastened the two bickering parties together forcing them to face each other and resolve their conflict.

Today modern versions of the shrew’s fiddle are used for restraint and humiliation in BDSM. Although some devices are made of wood and resemble a violin, it is more common to find them fashioned out of sleek metal.


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