Sex Pillow

Updated: MAY 24, 2021

A sex pillow is an accessory that is often used to enhance foreplay and sexual intercourse. Often made from high-density foam and polyurethane, sex pillows can also be used to adopt different positions. These sex accessories can come in various shapes to provide adequate support for both partners.

Most of the time, sex pillows are placed under the receiving partner's lower body to provide deeper penetration during missionary sex. They can also be used to enhance oral and rear-entry sex. Sex pillows are readily available in most sex shops.

More About Sex Pillow

Designed to support the body weight of both partners, sex pillows are available in various shapes. The most common sex pillow shapes are prism, ramp, and wedge shaped.

Example of a standard sex pillow.
(Pictured: Liberator Jaz)

Ideal for individuals who suffer from back or lower-body pain, these pillows can help prevent soreness or strains.

Sex pillows often come with velvet or plush removable cover to facilitate any washing up. Most are also enhanced by a moisture-resistant liner.

Sex pillows are ideal for missionary as well as anal sex. They can also be used to easily access the g-spot or p-spot.



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