Sex Furniture

Updated: JULY 21, 2022

Sex furniture is special type of furniture made specifically for better positioning during sex. It allows for couples to enjoy a wider range of sex positions while simultaneously making those positions even more comfortable. Sex furniture can be helpful for people with back pain and other ailments that can make sex uncomfortable, and it can be a vital piece in making sex accessible for some couples.

Sex furniture can include wedges, swings, and even full lounges.

More About Sex Furniture

The most commonly known piece of sex furniture is called the Liberator Wedge. This is a wedge-shaped pillow that can be flipped and turned in different ways to achieve different positions with minimal difficulty or discomfort. The Assisted Queen, Hamstring Stretch, Little Lift, Bound Love Triangle, and Over the Wedge positions also showcase easy ways that the Liberator Wedge can change up angles during sex.

Sex furniture can also include swings and slings that can be mounted over the door or from the ceiling.

There are also inflatable wedges and chairs for easier storage after use.

Many of these pieces also have options to add bondage cuffs or already have them. Some of the sex furniture, specifically called "Sex Toy Mounts", also has room to add vibrators or dildos.

Not all sex furniture looks kinky; many of the related products in this category are designed to blend into the normal household decor - like the Liberator Humphrey which looks like a standard pillow.


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