Service Gag

Updated: MAY 22, 2017

A service gag is a type of gag that can be worn by a submissive person in a BDSM relationship. In addition to keeping the submissive quiet, as all gags do, a service gag is fashioned to help the submissive perform acts of service for their dominant partner. Service gags feature add-on devices such as cleaning brushes, small flat surfaces, and other implements that can be controlled by the movements of the submissive’s head.

More About Service Gag

Service gags are usually modified versions of commercially available gags. A dominant might add a toilet brush to a gag if the submissive needs to clean a dirty toilet, for example. Small surfaces on which the dominant’s drinks and snacks can be rested on are also commonly added to service gags. The submissive might bring the dominant a drink or snack, for example, or simply wait by their side at a party until the flat surface is required. Should the submissive lose focus and let the drink or snack fall, they would surely be punished.

As with all gags, service gags can compromise breathing so should be used with caution. It is usually difficult for a submissive to utter a safe word while wearing a service gag, so a safe action should be established instead. For example, the submissive might ring a bell, make a repeated series of grunts, snap fingers, or nod his or hertheir head. As an extra precaution, dominants should periodically confirm their submissives are okay while wearing service gags. An action like placing a finger into the submissive’s hand for squeezing is a good way to achieve this. Submissives should also be supervised at all times while wearing service gags.


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