Updated: JANUARY 23, 2015

A rocker is a type of sex toy designed to simulate sexual intercourse without a partner. Rocker designs vary, but they typically feature a plastic or silicone dildo mounted onto a frame or base. The rider straddles the rocker, and then manipulates it to receive the sensations.

More About Rocker

Some rockers feature a dildo mounted to a curved base resembling a rocking chair. Another common variety features the dildo attached to a large wooden frame, which swings backwards and forwards. Some rockers also feature vibrating sections strategically placed near erogenous zones especially crafted for additional clitoral stimulation.

Rockers are typically large enough to be considered sex machines at most places where you buy sex toys.

Cloud 9 F-Slider Pro sex machine | Kinkly ShopExample of a rocker sex toy.
Pictured: Cloud 9 F-Slider Pro.

Rockers are designed to give a rider complete control of speed and depth of penetration, helping them build to orgasm, and achieve satisfaction. A rocker is also versatile enough to work for both anal and vaginal penetration.

As with traditional dildos, the rocker dildo should be thoroughly cleaned after use.



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