Remote Control Sex Toy

Updated: MAY 24, 2021

A remote control sex toy is a vibrating sex toy that can be operated from a distance. Many remote control sex toys are controlled by wireless remotes which usually have buttons to turn the devices on and off and even control the speed. The actual sex toys usually consist of a small vibrating apparatus, such as a vibrating bullet, that can be worn by the recipient via straps around the waist and thighs.

Traditionally, remote control sex toys could only be controlled from no more than a few feet away. Thanks to advances in sex toy technology, though, more modern remote control sex toys can be controlled via smartphones, Internet connections, or even video game consoles from around the world.

More About Remote Control Sex Toy

Remote control sex toys are a great way to tease your partner. They can be used during dominance and submission play or just for fun. Some couples enjoy strapping on remote control sex toys before going out in public. The mere idea of getting caught having an orgasm in public and the uncertainty of when the sexual stimulation will be coming adds a certain delicious thrill to a night on the town.

Examples of remote control sex toys include:


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