Pug Noshing

Updated: JANUARY 19, 2017

Pug noshing is a new term to refer to cunnilingus. It was coined in England. However, given the appeal of vaginas and pleasing women, the term is used all over the world. There are benefits to knowing the ins and outs of pug noshing. It can make one very popular with the ladies. Likewise, it is a good way to keeping one's female partner satisfied, provided that you take the time to listen to your partner.

More About Pug Noshing

While pug noshing sounds cute, the actual act requires skills and a lot of practice. There is no one way to nosh on a woman. Preferences differ. The key to being great at pug noshing is to listen to one's partner. Cues are not always verbal. Watch her eyes. Pay attention to her writhes and thrusts. Put these cues together and persevere in giving her what she wants.


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