PU Coated Plastic

Updated: FEBRUARY 15, 2016

PU coated plastic is plastic (typically ABS plastic) that is coated in polyurethane. This is typically done to create a velvet-like texture. This material is used primarily in vibrators. It maintains the qualities associated with ABS plastic toys. It is nonporous, transmits vibration well, and can be cleaned easily with soap and water.

More About PU Coated Plastic

Purple Doc Johnson Velvet Touch | Kinkly ShopExample of a PU Coated Plastic Toy. Pictured: Doc Johnson Velvet Touch.

Often, PU coated plastic sex toys are marketed as more "luxe" versions of pre-existing designs because PU coating can give inexpensive toys a more luxurious feel. ABS plastic toys without this coating may feel very hard and cold. PU coated plastic toys can feel almost soft to the touch (though rigid underneath) and remain a more consistent temperature.



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