Pregnancy Fetish

Updated: MARCH 23, 2022
Reviewed by Tara Struyk
on February 8, 2022

A pregnancy fetish, also known as maiesiophilia or maieusophoria, is one in which pregnant women are viewed as erotic phenomenons. Those with a pregnancy fetish find pregnant women sexually attractive. This attraction is unique to each person and extends to several stages and experiences of pregnancy such as lactation, impregnation and childbirth. Sometimes, there are fantasies surrounding the circumstances of childbirth, the behavior of pregnant women and the stage of impregnation. There may also be a fascination behind the arousal and gratification of impregnating someone through sex. Erotic lactation may be another component of pregnancy fetish. Women may also have a fetish for being or becoming pregnant.

Pregnancy fetishes may be quite common. A survey of more than 4,000 Americans by Dr. Justin Lehmiller found that 30% had fantasized about getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant; 26% of the group had fantasized about having sex with someone who is already pregnant.

In 2017, Pornhub reported that pregnancy porn searches had risen more than 20% between 2014 and 2017, peaking in 2017. Women were significantly more likely to search for pregnancy porn.

More About Pregnancy Fetish

There is some evidence that sexual attraction to pregnant and lactating people is correlated with exposure to pregnancy and lactation in childhood. In other words, this fetish tends to be more common among older children with siblings.

Why are people into this? Pregnant bodies have been worshiped and revered throughout time, so part of the attraction may be a natural attraction to the female body's ability to create life. The belly, breasts and entire body also become larger, softer and more curvaceous, which many find to be a turn-on. For some, the taboo nature of fetishizing a "mother" could also lend itself to the appeal. One study found that men desire their partners more during pregnancy than at any other time.

There are a few interesting sub-genres of pregnancy fetishes, including breeding fetishes, where people role-play impregnating a partner; and pregnancy risk fetishes, where people get off on the risk that they could pregnant, even though they may not want children. Fetishization of birth is another, less common form of pregnancy fetishization.


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