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Tara Struyk

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Tara Struyk is a co-founder and the editor-in-chief of Kinkly.com. She’s a content creation and management executive with 15 years of experience working in online media. As a writer, her work has appeared in dozens of publications, including Forbes, Glamour, MensHealth and Investopedia.

Tara is currently the VP of Content at Janalta.com, where she leads the editorial department and directs content production for a diverse portfolio of websites in niche verticals. She has launched several sites from the ground up, and has experience managing sites from pre-launch all the way to maturity. She has deep experience in online analytics, SEO optimization, content marketing and editorial direction.

Tara graduated with degrees in English and Journalism from West Virginia University in 2005. She began her career as an editor at Investopedia and worked for several years in the financial media space. She co-founded Kinkly in 2012.

Tara is also an accomplished distance runner, devoted rock climber and obsessive reader.


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