Updated: MARCH 21, 2021

Ponyboy is a term for a man who derives sexual pleasure from assuming the role of a pony or horse in erotic play. A ponyboy is typically a submissive individual and is often part of the BDSM community.

The Greek philosopher Aristotle is believed to be one of the first ponyboys.

A ponyboy is the male equivalent of a ponygirl. Ponyboys may engage in role-playing called pony play.

More About Ponyboy

Ponyboys find it erotic to take on the submissive role of a horse, especially during sexual scenarios. Humiliation play is an element of this type of erotic role play.

Ponyboys may receive training to perform tasks for their dominant partners. A ponyboy may learn to pull carts for his dominant, allow himself to be ridden, with a saddle or without, and/or "perform" as a show pony.

Most ponyboys wear riding accessories, such as a bridle and bit, during role-play. This helps reinforce their submissive role in the scene.

Pony play is not necessarily associated with BDSM, although this type of role-playing has elements of BDSM as ponyboys are often "trained" and, during scenes, are typically restrained through the use of riding accessories.

As with all activities containing elements of BDSM, pony play can carry some risks. A ponyboy should establish some kind of safe signal with his dominant. A ponyboy may not always be aware of his limits though, so dominants should also monitor their ponyboys for signs of dehydration, circulation or breathing problems, or distress. Dominants should also ride their ponyboys carefully to avoid causing back or neck problems.


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