Pony Play

Updated: NOVEMBER 25, 2021

Pony play is a BDSM activity and fetish involving role play with one participant playing the role of pony and their patner acting as their rider or trainer. It is a form of animal roleplay. The focus of pony play is on the treatment of the pony, the pony's actions, and the pony's mental state rather than appearing as a pony. The pony is often two-legged. Bit gags, bridles, hoove boots, saddles, whips, harnesses, and butt plug tails are all available to complete the pony look. Realistic sex toys can also be part of the fantasy.

More About Pony Play

There are several variations of pony play. The three most common are:

  • Show Pony: Focuses on the costume (harness, plume, etc,) and demonstrating traditional dressage skills
  • Cart Pony: The dominant is pulled in a cart by their pony
  • Riding Pony: the dominant "rides" their pony. This can be dangerous depending on the strength of the pony. It is common for the pony to assume a four legged stance with their rider's legs astride them bearing most of their own weight.

Like in other BDSM play, pony play costumers and gear can be beautiful and elaborate. Leather pony masks and bridles are simply a twist on typical BDSM harnesses, masks and other gear.


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