Updated: SEPTEMBER 12, 2022

Pervertibles, also spelled "pervertables," are common household objects that can be used as sex toys. Office supplies, kitchen gadgets, home improvement tools, exercise equipment, and foods and beverages all have the potential to become pervertibles. They are called pervertibles because they have been corrupted or "perverted" for a sexual use that differs from their designed usage.

The word "pervert" comes from a Latin word that means to overturn, turn away or corrupt. In more recent times, it has come to refer to someone whose sexuality is considered deviant or aberrant. However, the term has also been reclaimed by those who are proud to practice less-conventional forms of sex play, such as those in the kink community.

A number of household items can be used as sex toys. However, it's important to be very careful when not using objects designed for this purpose, as they may be unsafe compared to well-designed pleasure products.

More About Pervertible

With a little creativity, almost anything can become a pervertible. Wooden spoons, hair brushes, rulers and metal spatulas make excellent paddles. Ordinary rope, cable ties, and chains can be used for bondage. Baby oil, cooking oil, ice cubes, and feathers can bring a unique sensory experience to sensual play. Household furniture and exercise equipment can also become sex furniture.

Pervertibles are a great way to expand your sex toy collection and spice up your bedroom activities without spending a lot of money. As they are more discreet than commercial sex toys, they can also be a good alternative for couples living with roommates, parents, or children.


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