Penis Limiter

Updated: JUNE 13, 2022

A penis limiter is a device worn over the penis which limits how deeply one can penetrate their partner during sexual intercourse. A penis limiter is used to minimize the discomfort that some receiving partners experience during intercourse involving a large penis.

While penis limiters are most common in vaginal penetration, they also can be used during anal sex or strap-on sex. As strap-on dildos don't have the same nerve endings that a built-in penis may have, using penis limiters can prevent the harness wearer from accidentally going too deep with their partner.

More About Penis Limiter

Released in 2019, the OhNut was a sex industry first for couples experiencing painful intercourse. Designed specifically as a penis limiter, the OhNut includes four plushy, squishy rings. Non-constricting (they feel more like a gentle hug than a restrictive cock ring!), the OhNut's four rings can be worn as a set - or individually - to reduce the depth of penetration. This four-ring system allows couples to personalize the depth to their own needs.

Customized exactly for this penetration buffer purpose, the OhNut rings are designed to be used easily alongside condoms, stay in place even during rough sex, and are compatible with water-based lube and silicone-based lubes. As opposed to other methods of penis limitation, the OhNut is soft, squishy, stretchy, and designed to stay in place on the penis with minimal restriction to the shaft.

If the OhNut penetration buffers are not an option, a variety of other items can work as penis limiters. While they will not be as customizable as the OhNut (and may require destroying your sex toys in order to make them work for this purpose), they can be a viable option for couples looking for another option.

The first option is an ordinary penis or cock ring. The ring can be moved to the desired point along the shaft of the penis and can then be used as a guide for how deep to penetrate. As cock rings are designed for blood restriction, however, they should not be worn for longer than 15-20 minutes to prevent blood flow restriction concerns. This may not make cock rings a viable option as a penetration buffer if a marathon sex session is planned.

Jelly rings, which are designed to be used in combination with penis pumps, can also serve as penis limiters. These rings, commonly known as donuts, are also rolled down the base of the penis. They cover part of the shaft, preventing complete penetration.

Penis masturbation sleeves can also serve as penis limiters. Slip a soft, hand-held stroker onto the penis, all the way to the base, and then use a pair of scissors to cut the tip off the stroker at the point where you'd like penetration to stop. Err on the side of too long as you can always cut off more material later; you can not add material if you cut too short to begin with. An exploratory sex session may be needed to help determine the best spot to cut the penis stroker.

If using a condom for safer sex, ensure your penis limiter method is compatible with your condom material - and slide on the condom before placing the penis limiting method on top of the condom.

Many people use penis limiters to make penetrative sex, especially vaginal penetration, more comfortable. A long penis can bump the cervix during vaginal sex, causing discomfort and pain. For penetrating partners, knowing you may hurt your partner during sex can cause anxiety. Wearing a penis limiter can reduce this anxiety and help both partners enjoy a much freer, more satisfying sex life. Now, the penetrating partner can slide into their heart's content without concern of going too deep and causing the receiving partner pain.

In addition to a penis limiter, don't forget about exploring new sex positions. Each sex position offers a different level of depth for penetration, and selecting a sex position with shallow penetration may help alleviate too-deep penetration pain.



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