Updated: MAY 26, 2016

Oscillation is the movement of an object from a resting place backwards and forwards. Oscillation is seen in a number of places in our daily lives, from the swinging of a pendulum to some modern sex toys. Unlike common vibrating sex toys, oscillating sex toys move in a definite, regular way. In contrast, the movement of vibration is more random.

More About Oscillation

Oscillating sex toys typically look similar to wand vibrators. However, their heads oscillate rather than vibrate. The wand moves gently side to side across the clitoris, labia, and vaginal area, rather than in a randomized way. There are typically fewer settings than vibrating sex toys, with most oscillating sex toys having just one or two. Some have a range of attachments for variety.

Fans of oscillating sex toys insist this movement is more subtle and provides sensations closer to sex with a real person. They say this makes using oscillating sex toys more rewarding. Studies have also confirmed that oscillating sex toys can produce orgasms of a higher intensity.

In addition, oscillating sex toys do not numb the skin after prolonged use as vibrators can. They are also typically quieter than vibrating sex toys.

Oscillating sex toys can be used for solo exploration or mutual masturbation between couples. Since their heads are often small, they can also be used during intercourse to intensify sensations for both partners.


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