Oral Sex Simulator

Updated: JUNE 10, 2019

An oral sex simulator is a sex toy for women that mimics cunnilingus. Oral sex simulators can take a wide variety of forms, but are generallly handheld devices which use a mix of vibrations and moving parts to offer clitoral, vaginal, and labial stimulation. Oral sex simulators can be used both for solo masturbation and couples play.

More About Oral Sex Simulator

Oral sex simulators are a relatively new innovation and are often thought of as the next generation of vibrators. They still vibrate, as traditional vibrators do, but they offer a different kind of stimulation which should please anyone that’s become desensitized to their vibe collection. Lovehoney's Sqweel and LELO's ORA are two of the leading oral sex simulators on the market.

Vibrators tend to look similar, but the design of oral sex simulators differs dramatically. Lovehoney's Sqweel features a wheel of silicone tongues which rotates at various speeds. In contrast, there's nothing about LELO's ORA that looks anything like a tongue. Instead it appears like a simple, small ring, with a silvery center and soft silicon shell. However, it features an inner mechanism which vibrates and pushes through the silicon outer and move in full and semi-circles like a small tongue in 10 different programmed patterns.

Reviews suggest that no matter which design you pick, your oral sex simulator will work best with a little water-based lubricant to really recreate the feeling of a partner's tongue. As with all sex toys, remember to clean your oral sex simulator thoroughly with water and a mild-antiseptic soap after use, and store it in its own pouch.


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