Neck Corset

Updated: APRIL 18, 2016

A neck corset is an article of clothing that looks similar to a traditional waist corset, but is designed specifically for the neck. Typically, a neck corset will have a structured tube of material, with a lace up side or back.

More About Neck Corset

Neck corsets are typically used in BDSM play as a form of erotic torture. The neck corset can be used as a fetish piece. Many find it aesthetically pleasing. In BDSM play, a neck corset can be a way to incorporate asphyxiation into the bedroom. When the corset is tightened, it becomes harder to breathe which can be a turn on for either the individual wearing the corset, their partner, or both. The corset can also be used as a collar by which a dominant can take control of the submissive wearing the corset.


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