Updated: MAY 10, 2021
Reviewed by Dr. Sunny Rodgers
on April 20, 2021

Menstrubation is masturbation during menstruation. In fact, the term is a portmanteau of the words menstruation and masturbation. People can enjoy mensturbation on their own or with a partner.

The changes that take place in the body during menstruation make it a perfect time for masturbation. As the period approaches, the uterus, pelvis, and genital areas all become fuller and more engorged with blood. This creates a pressure that encourages us to relieve ourselves through sexual stimulation, such as masturbation. This pressure in our bodies can make us feel more aroused and increase desire. The swelling can also make the genitals more sensitive to stimulation, which can make menstrubation more pleasurable.

There is also a hormonal shift during menstruation. Estrogen and progesterone levels drop while testosterone levels typically increase. This surge in testosterone may also increase arousal and libido.

Why You Should Masturbate During Your Period

Just like masturbation, there are many benefits of menstrubation. Menstrubation carries the usual perks of masturbation, such as feeling pleasure and getting in touch with your body. However, there are also some additional perks worth considering.

Menstrubation can help women feel more comfortable and connected with how they experience their period. This helps break down many of the taboos surrounding menstruation and allows women to feel more beautiful and empowered during this time. Menstrubation may also aid with sleep, which can be elusive when period cramps occur.

Menstrubation has been found to reduce period pain and improve mood. It may even make periods shorter and lighter. There are many theories why menstrubation can help reduce period symptoms. Some think pressure from fingers or vibrators during vaginal penetration may give a person's pain threshold a boost.

Vaginal penetration isn’t essential for enjoying menstrubation or its benefits, though. The feel-good hormones released during and after orgasm, including endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin, reduce pain and create a sense of wellbeing. This mood boost can combat negative emotions commonly experienced during periods. Masturbating also increases blood flow to the uterus to help reduce the impact of the uterine contractions that cause period pain.

More About Menstrubation

Menstrubation can feel good and be good for you, but there can be some barriers that prevent people from trying it. Some worry about the mess that the blood associated with menstrubation may create. Others struggle to feel sexy during their period.

Menstruation remains a taboo topic in much of the developed world, and this colors many people’s attitudes to menstrubation. However, just like sexual desire, menstruation is a natural part of the human experience. Therefore, it is not something to feel ashamed about during your period or any other time.

How to Get Comfortable Menstrubating

Aside from shifting the way you think about your own period, there are a few other techniques that can make you feel better about menstrubation. Preparing for the potential mess and taking steps to make clean-up easy can make menstrubation more appealing. Remember too, that although it might feel like a lot of blood, you only lose between 1 tsp and 5 Tbsp (5-80 ml) over the course of your entire period, so the amount you will leak during your menstrubation sesh is negligible.

You might consider laying down a towel before getting started and opting to use condoms over sex toys. Period blood provides natural lubrication, but you can also use a commercial lubricant. You could also prop your body up with pillows and cover your top half with a towel to feel more comfortable and less self-conscious. Different positions may also increase comfort. Different yoga positions, such as child pose, can be more comfortable at this time as they relax and stretch the body and stimulate blood flow.

You may also like to vary the way you masturbate. While vaginal penetration has some benefits, some people's bodies feel too sensitive for that type of stimulation. You might prefer focusing on external stimulation with fingers or a clitoral vibrator during your period.

If the mess puts you off, consider menstrubating in the shower. A showerhead is a well-known masturbation aid that can really get a workout during menstruation. Avoid spraying water into your vagina as this has the potential to interfere with your body’s natural pH levels and possibly lead to infections. Consider masturbating with your hands in the shower or using a waterproof sex toy. Dildos with suction cup bottoms are ideal for hands-free menstrubation.

Most people link masturbation with genital stimulation, but the body has plenty of erogenous zones all over the body. If you’re turned off by blood, use this time to explore other parts of your body, such as nipples. Nipples can be incredibly sensitive during your period, so this might be the time you experience an elusive nipple orgasm.

Period Blood Clean Up

Menstrubation is a healthy, normal, and low-risk sexual activity. Period blood is not dirty and poses no risk to anyone unless the person menstruating has a blood-borne illness. Make sure your hands and sex toys are clean before you begin in order to prevent infections, just like you would do at any time of the month.

Cleaning up after menstrubation is also pretty easy. Period blood washes off the body with warm water. Clean any sex toys with warm water and mild soap after every use. Before laundering in cold or lukewarm water as quickly as possible to prevent stains from setting, it’s recommended to soak clothing, towels, or sheets in water with a splash of hydrogen peroxide in it (although, be cautious as this solution may lift some dye from certain materials). Scrape off any excess blood before washing with standard laundry detergent. An enzyme-based stain remover may be helpful in lifting stubborn bloodstains.


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