How to Have Oral Sex on your Period

Published: NOVEMBER 17, 2021
If you don't have oral sex during your period and you bleed for around a week each month, that's a lot of down time that could be going down time. This is how to have oral sex on your period and why you should. 

There's nothing saying you can't go all-out with oral sex on your period - nothing at all! If period blood doesn't bother you or your partner, you're probably out there enjoying your best sex - and don't even have time to read this article.

If you're like most people, though, the thought of the mess or sheet-stains from period blood is enough to give you pause for a week out of every month. You might prefer to stick to other types of play - or you might prefer to take a break from any sex entirely.

However, the changing hormones during that time of the month can be a great catalyst for arousal. Quite a few period-havers report having an uncontrollable sex drive while bleeding - and others report some seriously sensitive erogenous zones during that time of the month.

There's no reason you should sit out sexual activity if you're menstruating - and that includes oral sex. Let's go through some tips about how to have oral sex on your period to make sure your sex life is as bright and fulfilling as you want every day of the month - not just during 3/4ths of it.


Start Slow

If you're dating someone who doesn't menstruate, their comfort and experience level around menstruation is probably pretty low. Even if they're that type of amazing partner who will run to the store to grab you tampons or pads, it doesn't mean they understand what menstruating body parts look like - or feel like. You've had years upon years of enough experience menstruating to find it all boring (and sometimes annoying). They might still be learning.

To start off this adventure, I recommend giving them a chance to get familiar with the area before diving (pun intended) straight into oral sex. If they've never had much experience normalizing menstruation, this might be a multi-step process, but it can be worth it in the end when they feel much, much more comfortable around menstrual blood.

If you're going from "abstaining from sex during my period" all the way to trying oral sex during your period, I recommend:

  • Trying a menstrual disc like the Intimina Ziggy Cup. Worn higher up in the canal than other cups or tampons, the disc-shaped Ziggy cup helps capture blood while leaving the majority of the vagina open for play and pleasure. That "pleasure" includes oral sex too!
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  • Start by making the changing of menstrual protection a normal activity. You don't have to go out of your way to invite them into the bathroom or ask them to participate, but don't "hide" what you're doing. Being comfortable enough to earn their Red Wings starts with finding your period a normal part of your body and routine.
  • Begin with using some sex toys and other intermediaries during your period sex. Using sex toys allows your partner to get comfortable around the area while it's bleeding without necessarily needing to be at a stage where they're comfortable with a lot of direct contact. (Just be careful with some of your light-colored sex toys and wash any sex toy immediately afterwards! Some sex toy materials can become slightly discolored when they come in contact with menstrual blood!)
  • When you're both ready, try fingering and other hand play. If you both enjoy it, take this time to use fingers both inside and out. To avoid getting blood on the bedding, I highly recommend having a few dark towels nearby to easily towel off hands between dips between the legs, or use a Ziggy cup to contain your blood.
  • Ask them to kiss near the vulva and have their face between your legs - even if they're doing something else (like using sex toys, fingering you, or controlling a vibrator). Getting used to the smell and visual - and associating it with orgasmic pleasure - can be a good step towards normalizing oral sex during your period.
  • Try oral sex on a light period day. You know your body best, but a day where things are still moving - but very light - can be a great first trial.
  • If you both want to give it a try, move onto oral sex on a heavier bleeding day. This can be overwhelming to people new to it, so be prepared to take some time - or keep sessions short - until your partner gets used to this amazing part of your body.

While the "goal" of these steps is to help your partner get more familiar with menstrual blood, the actual purpose of this is to help you both enjoy more sex (and especially oral sex!) while you're on your period. If the best way to make that happen is the Ziggy cup, feel free to swap over before your "experiment" is complete. The real end goal is your pleasure - however that ends up happening!

Use a Towel

Even though you're excited to enjoy some amazing oral sex during your period, don't forget to bring a towel or two. While menstrual blood doesn't tend to be as copious as ejaculate, it does have a higher chance to stain fabrics and materials. This means having a couple of dark towels to lie on can allow the period-haver to relax and enjoy themselves - instead of worrying about staining the bedsheets.

I also recommend a second, smaller towel for the giver to use. This towel can be helpful for wiping the face - and it can become a lifeline for wiping the face if anything gets in the eyes.


Wipe Up Before Oral Sex

If oral sex is on the menu, I recommend cleaning up ahead of time - preferably in a shower. However, if a shower isn't feasible or the two of you want to dive straight in, some wet wipes can become your best friend. They can be used within a couple of minutes, they're disposable (in case you aren't at your own home), and they can be packed in a bag with ease.

I recommend giving your wet wipe brand of choice a "taste test" before you use it prior to oral sex. Wipe your wrist, give it a couple of minutes, then give it a lick. Since we're prepping for oral sex, replacing the taste of period blood with the taste of stringent chemicals may not be a good swap. You may need to experiment with wipes (or even plain, ol' wet washcloths if nothing else is working!) to find one that doesn't leave an aftertaste. (Ones found in the baby aisle tend to be best - as the manufacturers assume cleaned-up areas probably go straight into a mouth afterwards anyway!)

Better Yet, Shower

If you have time (and you both can find ways to make it hot!), showering or taking a bath ahead of time can be a great way to reduce contact with excess menstrual blood. You both can enjoy some hot foreplay in the shower, get sparkling clean, then take it to the bed - with those dark towels.

Most of the menstrual blood will be washed away - especially if you're on the tail ends of your period. If you're going for a sex marathon, you might start to see some of the period blood come back as you're playing, but it's nothing that some wipes can't fix!

Even Better, Play in the Shower Itself!

There's no rule that says you have to start in the shower - and then leave. If you'd like, you can play in the shower too!

I recommend shutting the bathroom door (to trap some of the heat) while the two of you take a nice, foreplay-laden shower that helps clean the both of you. When you're ready, shut off the water, let the receiver lean against a wall (or lay back), and enjoy some oral sex. If the period-haver happens to have a heavy flow, a handheld shower head can be an amazing addition.

Some handheld showerheads offer an on/off switch right on the handle itself. If the receiver has a heavy flow, it's possible that arousal and play may lead to some additional menstrual blood appearing while you're playing. If that's the case, turn on the water, use the showerhead spray as a sex toy on the clitoris for awhile, rinse away some of the menstrual blood, and then dive right back in.

Turns out, a shower can be pretty darn helpful for menstrual oral sex!


Use the INTIMINA Ziggy Cup

If the idea of coming across period blood - at all - is a problem, I'd recommend getting a menstrual disc like the Ziggy cup. The disc-shaped cup goes further up the vaginal canal to rest closer to the cervix. This keeps the it out of the way for most penetration while still working as a period product that collects blood - and keeps it from appearing during sex. So if blood isn't your friend for sex, there are still options you can enjoy!

How to Use a Menstrual Disc for Mess-Free Sex.

Use a Dental Dam

You should be doing this one anyway - especially if you're not fluid-bonded with the person giving oral sex. As an added bonus, however, dental dams will prevent any contact with fluids underneath the dental dam; that's their entire purpose!

So, what is a dental dam? Think of it like a small washcloth (made of latex or non-latex alternatives) that you lay over the entire vulva. This sheet of latex keeps vaginal fluids from touching the mouth of the giver to help prevent the spread of STIs - and in this case, prevent the spread of period blood. That's a dental dam in a nutshell.

(Fun fact: Dental dams aren't just for vaginal use. They work great for rimming too! Just like condoms, though, they're one-time-use barriers.)

Focus More on the Clitoris

Partnered with a nice clean ahead of time, oral sex that focuses on the clitoris may lead to minimal contact with period blood - which comes from the vaginal opening. Depending on your anatomy, the two of them may be more than a tongue's length apart - or they might be next-door neighbors.

Either way, keeping tongue play on the clitoris can help reduce any interaction with period blood - especially when partnered with a shower ahead of time. As an added bonus, most receivers find some of the best pleasure from oral sex that's focused on the clitoris. That's a win-win folks!


Oral Sex During your Period Can be Amazing

If you both can get to a point where you're comfortable with oral sex during your period, you can be in for a good time. Pleasure and orgasms during your period can provide relief from menstrual cramps - and it can possibly take advantage of your increased sensitivity (if that's something you get!). Some people even say that sex and orgasms can shorten their period!

So, whatever it takes (whether it's the INTIMINA Ziggy cup, shower sex, lots of towels, or something else!) to make sure you get to enjoy pleasure, if you want it, is totally a good thing if you ask me.

Looking for other menstrual tips to make your period - and sex life during your period - go smoothly? Check out some of our other helpful period sex advice:

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