Lunge Whip

Updated: OCTOBER 2, 2017

A lunge whip is a long variety of stock whip. Like other stock whips, including horse whips and dray whips, lunge whips have a long, stiff handle with a thong, usually made from leather or a leather-like material, attached. Leather may be wrapped around the handle to cushion the hands and improve grip.

Lunge whips are traditionally used to train horses. Couples engaging in pony play often use lunge whips during training sessions.

More About Lunge Whip

A lunge whip is a useful tool for couples engaging in pony play. Often the mere sight of a lunge whip can be enough to bring a training human pony into line. Most human ponies will also respond to a lunge whip’s crack.

Many doms will never strike a submissive with a lunge whip. However, these whips can be used for physical discipline and impact play with extreme caution.

Lunge whips are easier to use than bullwhips. Usually people can create a theatrical crack with a lunge whip after a relatively short amount of time practicing.

A cracker or popper can be added to a lunge whip to enhance its crack. These additions also make the lunge whip sting a little more when it comes in contact with the body.

While lunge whips are easier to master than bull whips, they still shouldn’t be handled by novices. Newcomers to whipping should receive training from someone more experienced. They should also strike themselves during practice to understand the whip’s power. It’s best to warm up the skin and muscles before this activity, with a soft flogger for example, to minimize the risk of damage. Wearing protective clothing, such as a scarf, goggles, and wide-brimmed hat, is also recommended. Even once you're experienced, you should never strike a person's face with a lunge whip.

Dirt and water can both damage lunge whips. Keep your whip clean and dry to prolong its life.


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