Love Wand

Updated: JANUARY 20, 2020

A love wand is a type of vibrator characterized by a large vibrating spherical head attached with a flexible neck to a long handle. Love wands are primarily used externally for clitoral stimulation. Some small to medium love wands can be used internally as well.

A love wand is sometimes called a Magic Wand, after the Hitachi Magic Wand, one of the first love wands on the market.

More About Love Wand

When the first love wand, the Hitachi Magic Wand, went on sale, it was marketed as a massager designed for relieving tension and sore muscles. However, sex educator Betty Dodson encouraged women to use the device as a masturbation aid. It’s also been used to successfully treat peple suffering female sexual arousal disorder and anorgasmia, the inability to achieve orgasm. A 2008 study found more than 93% of women previously unable to achieve orgasm could do so with a love wand.

Love wands typically have a number of different speed settings which allow women to vary the intensity of the vibrations. Many are also waterproof, so they can be used for stimulation in the bath, pool, or shower. Some are mains powered while others are battery-operated. The mains powered love wands provide stronger vibrations than the battery powered ones. While some people see this as an advantage, others may feel the vibrations are too strong. Aftermarket accessories can provide finer control over your love wand’s speed.


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