Labia Spreader

Updated: DECEMBER 28, 2020

A labia spreader is a flexible contraption, usually made from wire and rubber. It is designed to expose the clitoris by spreading the labia apart. Most labia spreaders are adjustable and can fit labia of all sizes. Its design helps keep it in place during oral and penetrative sex.

A labia spreader may take a little getting used to because it completely exposes the clitoris, making the clitoris very sensitive to stimulation.

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More About Labia Spreader

A labia spreader can be a great addition to a sex toy collection - especially for those who enjoy targeted clitoral stimulation or the pressure of clamps. It can make oral and penetrative sex more intense; orgasms can be more mind-blowing.

However, don't forget hygiene when using a labia spreader because it is exposed to the bodily fluids of other people. Clean it with mild soap and tap water. Make sure to pat dry after clean-up. Refrain from sharing this sex toy.

Realistic-looking illustration of the Master Series Labia Spreader with Clamps clamped onto the sides of the labia and spreading them apart | Kinkly ShopExample of a labia spreader in the Master Series Labia Spreader with Clamps.



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