Kneeling Bench

Updated: JANUARY 6, 2020

A kneeling bench is a type of sex furniture most commonly used within the BDSM community. A kneeling bench is usually made from wood and created without padding. Kneeling benches are typically low, standing only a foot from the ground. Submissive individuals usually kneel on kneeling benches for training or punishments.

More About Kneeling Bench

A submissive person is usually commanded to kneel on a kneeling bench by their dominant partner. Kneeling on a kneeling bench can be a test of endurance used for training purposes. As kneeling benches are not traditionally padded, kneeling on them for an extended period can be very hard on the body, especially the knees. A dominant may also ask their submissive to kneel on a kneeling bench in preparation for a punishment, such as a spanking or whipping.

Some modern kneeling benches are padded with leather or vinyl to make kneeling more comfortable for submissives. Many contemporary kneeling benches also feature bondage points which allow dominants to tie their submissives to the bench using rope, cuffs, or other devices. Adding bondage to the use of a kneeling bench can make a submissive feel even more vulnerable and further reinforce the roles in a BDSM relationship. Kneeling benches are available from many sex furniture stores. As these can be every expensive, many couples prefer to make their own.


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