Indian Cockburn

Updated: JANUARY 27, 2020

An Indian cockburn is a manual sex act performed on a man’s penis. It takes its name from the practice called an Indian sunburn or Indian rug burn, which sees a person holding on to another person’s arm with both hands, then twisting in opposite directions until their skin turns red. For an Indian cockburn, a person grips a man’s penis with both hands, then twists in opposite directions.

More About Indian Cockburn

Most men do not enjoy an Indian cockburn as the twisting motion can be very painful. In fact, there was an outcry after Cosmopolitan magazine suggested women should try an Indian cockburn to spice up hand jobs, with most men declaring the practice would be torturous.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to discuss performing an Indian cockburn before attempting it, as it could bring any foreplay to an abrupt end. People who enjoy an element of pain during sex play may enjoy an Indian cockburn. Using lubricant during an Indian cockburn may reduce some of the friction and make the practice less painful for the man.


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