Impregnation Fetish

Updated: SEPTEMBER 13, 2022
Reviewed by Dr. Sunny Rodgers

An impregnation fetish is a sexual interest in impregnating a partner or becoming pregnant through unprotected vaginal intercourse. An impregnation fetishist feels turned on by the thought of conceiving a child, but not necessarily the desire to have a child.

People of any gender can have an impregnation fetish. However, according to, most impregnation fetishists are women aroused by the thought of becoming pregnant. These women often feel turned on by the unknown element of conceiving a child during sex.

Many people feel anxious about what they don’t know, like the way getting pregnant or making someone pregnant would feel. This anxiety can turn into arousal. Impregnation fetishists turned on by the idea of impregnating someone else may get turned on by the idea of dominating a partner through impregnation. Other people love the idea of having a large family. This desire may also trigger an impregnation fetish.

Others simply enjoy having sex without protection. This preference for direct genital-to-genital contact can also manifest as an impregnation fetish.

An impregnation fetish is not an especially common fetish. However, it is common enough for many people to recognize it as a kink. Not everyone agrees that it should be though, as the key biological reason for having sex is having children. Some people argue that people who feel they have an impregnation fetish simply want to act on basic human instincts.

However, as impregnation fetishists feel strong desire linked to a specific activity, in this case impregnating or being impregnated, others argue it meets the fetish criteria. As procreation and sex are linked, many people who feel aroused by the idea of conception may not even realize they have a fetish.

An impregnation fetish is not the same as a pregnancy fetish, which is a distinct and separate thing. The impregnation fetish centers on enjoying the thought of becoming pregnant or impregnating someone else through unprotected sex. In contrast, a pregnancy fetish involves an attraction to pregnancy or pregnant people.

Many people with an impregnation fetish do not have a pregnancy fetish, as pregnant people cannot be impregnated. However, some people have both fetishes and feel aroused by the dual fantasy of conception and pregnancy.

Some people also recognize an impregnation fetish as separate from an impregnation risk fetish. People with an impregnation risk fetish feel turned on by the risk of impregnating someone or being impregnated. They feel turned on by the risk of impregnation, rather than the thought of impregnation itself.

An impregnation fetish is also known as a breeding fetish or breeding kink.

More About Impregnation Fetish

An impregnation fetish can lead to certain sexual preferences. Having sex without condoms is the most common preference for impregnation fetishists. However, they may also prefer deep penetration, which puts the penis close to the cervix. Some people with impregnation fetishes also get aroused by semen and love ejaculating on a partner or being ejaculated on.

Some impregnation fetishists also love playing with power exchange dynamics. Some couples like a woman taking a submissive role, while others prefer a woman that is more dominant and insistent on getting pregnant.

Having unprotected sex to satisfy an impregnation fetish can have serious consequences. Of course, it may cause an unwanted pregnancy. Dealing with an unwanted pregnancy can be an emotional and expensive process. Depending on the decision made, it may impact the couple’s whole life.

People may also spread sexually transmitted infections if they do not know their own or their partner's sexual health status. Some people also have casual hook-ups to satisfy their impregnation fetish. A casual hook-up for unprotected sex can put an impregnation fetishist’s personal safety at risk. If pregnancy or STIs result, the people who’ve hooked up casually may not know how to contact one another. This may lead to a pregnant person missing out on the emotional support they need or someone unknowingly continuing to transmit STIs.

While having unprotected sex to satisfy an impregnation fetish can be problematic, this fetish can be safely acted on via role play. For example, fluid-bonded couples may talk about becoming pregnant during sex while using the Pill or IUD. As these contraceptives allow sperm to enter the body, they allow for better role-playing than condoms. They may also discuss how they would handle pregnancy and make other plans for the future with a baby. Some impregnation fetishists also enjoy reading erotica focused on impregnation. They may also chat with others who share their fetish.

Role-playing and fantasizing about impregnation can satisfy many impregnation fetishists. If this isn't enough, some impregnation fetishists may seek counseling. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help people reprogram their brains and make better sex choices. It can also help someone balance an impregnation fetish with other elements of life, such as their relationships and career.

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