Updated: DECEMBER 23, 2019

A hydropump is a type of penis pump which uses water, rather than air, to create suction. Like air-based pumps, Hydropumps help penis owners achieve larger, stronger, and longer-lasting erections. They can effectively treat erectile dysfunction and enhance the sex lives of all users, whether they suffer from erectile disorders or not.

Hydropumps are a relatively new invention, first hitting the market in 2014. Penomet and Bathmate are among the highest selling hydropump brands.

A hydropump may also be called a water-assisted pump.

More About Hydropump

Three Hydromax Shower Penis Pumps in Hydromax 7 Size Standing Next to Each Other | Kinkly ShopExample of a hydropump. Pictured: Bathmate HydroMax Penis Pump.

The hydropump’s main chamber fits over the penis. A seal at its base creates a vacuum. Once the hydropump is turned on, a water mechanism creates pressure inside the chamber. As air leaves the chamber, blood can flow into the penis. The pump’s constriction band is moved to the base of the penis once the user achieves an erection. This helps maintain the erection during intercourse.

It takes roughly 15 minutes for a hydropump to create a strong erection. The results can last for a few hours.

Hydropumps are relatively new, but they have quickly claimed a large share of the penis pump market. They have become popular for a number of reasons. The water mechanism creates greater suction but limits the amount of pressure the pump generates, so it’s almost impossible to “over pump.” This makes hydropumps safer to use than traditional air penis pumps.

Hydropumps are also very comfortable to use, as they cannot create the stinging or constricting pain sometimes associated with traditional penis pumps. They are also more versatile, as they can be used on wet or dry skin.

Hydropumps also result in more even blood flow than traditional pumps, giving a more natural enlargement, especially over time. Some users believe prolonged use can permanently increase the penis’ size.

Hydropumps are available in a range of sizes. It’s important to choose the correct size for your penis for the best results.



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