Hitachi Harness

Updated: MARCH 11, 2022

A Hitachi harness is any harness one might use to attach a large, wand style vibrator such as the Original Magic Wand (frequently referred to as the "Hitachi") to a partner for hands-free use. Rope harnesses are particularly popular for this use.

More About Hitachi Harness

Hitachi harnesses are popular in BDSM play where a dominant partner might use one on a submissive partner for forced orgasm play. Because of the strength of the Hitachi, it can be overwhelming for many users, attaching it so that it cannot be removed from the genitals can create an extremely intense experience. This type of scene should always be clearly negotiated beforehand.

A Hitachi harness is designed for a full-sized Magic Wand like the Plus, Original, or Rechargeable. Most of them will not fit the smaller variations like the Mini or Micro.


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