Her/His Tongue Up My Ass

Updated: JULY 18, 2017

His/Her Tongue Up My Ass describes a sex act in which a person receives analingus from their sexual partner. The term is most commonly seen in the advertisements of sex workers, who outline which services they are willing to perform, and the in field reports of johns.

His/Her Tongue Up My Ass is often known by the acronym HTUMA.

More About Her/His Tongue Up My Ass (HTUMA)

During His/Her Tongue Up My Ass, a person’s anus and/or perineum is sexually pleasured by their partner’s tongue. Many people enjoy this sexual activity because it is considered to be taboo. The anal region also has a lot of nerve endings that respond well to sexual stimulation.

The term His/Her Tongue Up My Ass is most commonly used within the sex industry. However, this practice may also be a component of sexual interaction among more traditional couples.

While HTUMA can feel pleasurable, it does carry some risks. Fees may still be present in or around the anus, which can carry infectious agents like parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Sexually transmitted infections, including herpes and HIV, can also be transmitted through analingus, particularly if there are cuts or sores in the receiver’s anus or the giver’s mouth. A person giving analingus can lower the risks by using a dental dam.

His/Her Tongue Up My Ass is the opposite of My Tongue Up His/Her Ass, which involves the giving, rather than receiving, of analingus or anal rimming.


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