Head Teaser

Published: AUGUST 27, 2019

A head teaser is a hands-free sex toy which sits on the end of the erect penis and, as its name suggests, stimulates its glans penis, commonly known as the head. Head teasers have a central cap made from a soft material such as thermoplastic rubber.

Some head teasers are attached to bullet vibrators, which transmit vibrations to the penis, while others are attachments which can be affixed to compatible wand vibrators.

Head teasers may have textured interiors to increase the user's pleasure.

Head teaser is sometimes spelled head teazer by some sex toy manufacturers.

More About Head Teaser

Head teasers deliver intensely pleasurable sensations that the user can control via the vibrator or a remote. However, the quality and longevity of head teasers can vary. Some head teasers with attached vibrators have poor quality vibrators. Choosing an attachment head teaser which fixes to your choice of vibrator can give you more choice.

Using a head teaser with a lubricant and make the experience even more pleasurable. Water-based lubricants suit most head teasers. As some lubricants can degrade sex toys, you should check your head teaser’s instruction before introducing lubricant.

The air-tight seal head teasers create is very pleasurable, but it can also make using them messy as there is nowhere for the ejaculate to go. Removing the device before ejaculation can help alleviate the problem, but this is not as pleasurable. A head teaser can also be used with a condom for easier clean-up.

The pliable materials that head teasers are made from can be breeding grounds for bacteria. Make sure you always wash your head teaser with a mild soap and water or commercial sex toy cleaner after use to keep them clean. Do not submerge the part with the batteries into water. Dry them completely before storing them in a cool, dark place.

Hot Octopuss Jett shown on the tip of a body safe sex toy dildo | Kinkly ShopAn example of a modern head teaser. Pictured: Hot Octopuss Jett.



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