Gyrating Sex Toy

Updated: JANUARY 23, 2015

A gyrating sex toy is a type of vibrator that uses very fast, circular rotation to create sensation. The high-powered gyrations drive a dildo or similar attachment to create deep, penetrating stimulation inside the body.

Because the vibrator and gyrator both involve a weight spinning off-center, a gyrating sex toy's spinning weight is many times heavier than in a vibrator. The resulting gyrating motion can be used to stimulate the nerve-rich, interior clitoris.

More About Gyrating Sex Toy

A photo of the Evolved Gyro Vibe against a white background. Multiple images of the Gyro Vibe in motion have been superimposed over a single image to show how the toy wiggles back and forth. | Kinkly ShopExample of a gyrating vibrator. Pictured: Evolved Gyro Vibe.

In a gyrating vibrator, the rotation happens inside the vibrator. A rotating motor is weighted to one side and throws its weight around in a way that delivers a thumping motion rather than a typical vibration. The deeper, rumbling it produces are believed to more deeply stimulate the clitoris, p-spot, or G-spot, resulting in more intense orgasms.



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