Forniphilic Gag

Updated: MARCH 10, 2015
A forniphilic gag is a type of restraint gag in BDSM humiliation play. The gag’s design allows various items, such as sex toys or household goods, to be mounted directly onto it. Once the device is mounted onto a forniphilic gag, the restrained submissive is required to perform various tasks or services for the dominant using the object attached to the gag.

The term forniphilic gag comes from the term forniphilia which describes the type of bondage related to human furniture.

More About Forniphilic Gag

A wide range of items can be mounted onto a forniphilic gag. Common choices include dildos or vibrators, toilet brushes, feather dusters, boot or floor brushes, and ashtrays.

A forniphilic gag is generally used in conjunction with ropes or cuffs which are used to bind the submissive's hands behind their back. Without control of their hands, the submissive must use the gag to control their tool and complete their assigned task to the dom’s satisfaction. They might be asked to act as a human ashtray, dust the furniture, or sexually pleasure the dom or another submissive, depending on the tool attached to the gag.

A forniphilic gag looks to objectify and/or humiliate the person wearing it. This helps reinforce the individual’s position as a submissive participant in BDSM play.

Due to the nature of forniphilic gags, they can become contaminated with germs. While all gags should be cleaned after every session, extra care should be taken if these gags are used in spaces such as the bathroom.

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