Forced Nudity

Updated: NOVEMBER 30, 2021

Forced nudity is a state of undress that is imposed on an individual. Forced nudity may occur when a person’s clothes are manually stripped from their body by other people or when a person is ordered to remove their clothing. Forced nudity can refer to both partial and total nudity.

Forced nudity is a form of Dominance/submission play.

More About Forced Nudity

Forced nudity may be an element of erotic humiliation or punishment administered by the dominant to their submissive partner. This type of interaction forces the roles of dominance and submission in a BDSM relationship. In these cases, the submissive may be forced to be nude when in the vicinity of the dominant partner alone. More commonly, however, the submissive is ordered to maintain a state of undress within a larger group of people, where they will be seen and observed.

While forced nudity is most often used in a BDSM context, it sometimes occurs in other situations. Some people are aroused by the shame and embarrassment people feel when they are forced to be nude. Blogs and online porn cater to this type of voyeurism.


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