Forced Masturbation

Updated: MAY 16, 2023
Reviewed by Kinkly Staff

Forced masturbation is an orgasm control and power exchange technique where one person commands or directs another person to pleasure themself. Used in a variety of sexual situations, forced masturbation can be part of BDSM scenes or more vanilla sexual encounters. Forced masturbation is not specific to any particular type of people and can be enjoyed by folks of all sexualities and genders.

What does forced masturbation look like in BDSM and vanilla sex?

In a BDSM scene, a dominant might direct a slave, or submissive, to masturbate in whatever way the dominant decides. This could include touch of any variety around the submissive’s body. This masturbation can be a standalone event or it can be a part of longer-term slave training. The dominant will also determine whether the forced masturbation scene will end in orgasm or orgasm denial. Dominants can use various techniques to order their slave to masturbate, including demanding language, humiliation and threat of punishment.

In non-BDSM situations, forced orgasm can be a way for partners to explore new sexual sensations. Many people find watching someone else masturbate to be highly erotic. At the same time, the person being told to masturbate can receive new thrills in exposing themselves to their partner in such a vulnerable way. While this type of situation may still involve some level of direction, it is much more subtle than in a dominant/submissive relationship.

What are some of the ways forced masturbation can play out?

Various masturbation techniques can be incorporated into forced masturbation scenes. Submissives can use their hands or toys, can touch various parts of their body, or only focus on those determined by the dominant. Forced masturbation can be fast or slow.

Forced masturbation can also be incorporated into long-distance sexual encounters. When separated, people can still enjoy mutual sexual pleasure and techniques like forced masturbation can heighten the experience, whether it is enjoyed over the telephone or via video conferencing.

More About Forced Masturbation

Any time the word “forced” is included in a sexual description, it is bound to raise eyebrows. The term can have seriously negative connotations. In the context of forced masturbation, there is the implication of coercion. And sometimes, in some scenes, there is most definitely coercion involved, whether subtle or outright. However, when done right, this coercion is known, understood and accepted. Enthusiastic consent is critical for this act. The key to these types of scenes is strong communication as well as clear boundaries and expectations. Forced masturbation should be discussed before, during and after it occurs to ensure everyone feels good about the experience.

Part of what makes hot forced masturbation possible now is a greater general acceptance of masturbation in general. Over the past couple decades, masturbation has become much more understood and accepted. Sure, people have been practicing self-love forever, but it was a distinctly taboo topic surrounded by urban myths and hysteria. People hesitated to even discuss masturbation, never mind actually touching their own bodies in front of another person. While some people are still shy about masturbation, there is growing acceptance of self-touch as a normal, healthy form of sexual exploration and pleasure.

As with many other types of sex, technology is affecting masturbation, frequently in fun and exciting ways. In terms of forced masturbation, new toys that can be controlled remotely can add a new dimension of pleasure. Submissives can be bound and told to hold the control in their hands, but never be allowed to touch their bodies. Instead, they bring themselves pleasure by controlling the toy. The dominant will still be in charge, ordering the toy on and off, increasing or decreasing intensity, or even removing the toy or remote to control the submissive’s orgasm.


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