Fire Whip

Updated: SEPTEMBER 20, 2022

A fire whip is a type of sex toy used for a type of edge play known as fire play within the BDSM community. A fire whip is designed to be soaked in a flammable accelerant and ignited prior to use. The wielder then uses the blazing fire whip to strike the recipient.

More About Fire Whip

A fire whip may be a singletail or flogger style whip, with multiple lashes. Fire whips are typically made from Kevlar, as this material is tough enough to withstand being set on fire time and time again.

Fire whips must be soaked in a flammable accelerant, such as lighter fluid and alcohol, for easy ignition and to stay alight. The longer you soak the flogger, the longer it will stay lit. The whip must also be kept in motion during use to ensure the flames don’t go out.

As with all fire play, using a fire whip is very dangerous. Using any kind of whip also carries some degree of risk. For these reasons, inexperienced dominants should not attempt to use a fire whip. Dominants should avoid areas where fire could do serious damage, like the face and genitals, and instead, focus on the back or chest.

The dominant must strike the submissive for only a short period of time to avoid burning the skin, with the tails making contact with flesh rather than the body of the whip. Swinging the fire whip around in the air before bringing it down on the skin can also reduce the risk of burns. It can also help to “warm up” the submissive’s body with fire wands or other less dangerous fire toys first.

No matter how skilled the dominant is with a fire whip, the hairs on the submissive’s skin will become singed.


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