Fetish Community

Updated: DECEMBER 14, 2020

A fetish community is a collective of people that share a fetish. Fetish communities were once exclusively made up of people who met in person, at BDSM dungeons and parties, for example. However, in recent years fetish communities have become more common on the internet. The people in an online fetish community may never physically meet, but share stories about themselves and their experiences with the fetish just as an offline fetish community does.

More About Fetish Community

There is a wide variety of fetish communities concerning all kinds of fetishes. Fetishes for BDSM, female domination, feet, belly buttons, feeding, omorashi, and female masking are all represented online, along with many more fetishized interests. Fetish communities provide welcoming environments that accept interests and sexual tastes that are not always welcomed by mainstream society.

Sometimes fetish communities are very niche, like fetish communities for “inny” belly buttons, to the exclusion of “outies.” However, other fetish communities are a bit broader, like belly button fetish communities that bring together people who like both innies and outies.

The rise of online communities has helped people with fetishes feel less isolated and more accepted. Through online fetish communities, people with fetishes can express their sexual interests without the same fear of judgment or alienation they may face in the real world. They can forge connections and even friendships with people who share their interests.


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