Erotic Lactation

Updated: JUNE 29, 2022
Reviewed by Dr. Sunny Rodgers
on May 12, 2022

Erotic lactation is sexual arousal linked to breastfeeding. It may involve feeling aroused by the idea of breastfeeding, watching breastfeeding, or participating in breastfeeding, either as someone who breastfeeds or gets breastfed. Mutual breastfeeding can be a sign of affection in lesbian relationships. Practitioners may be said to be in an adult nursing relationship.

Many people feel aroused by breasts and nipples. They may love looking at or touching breasts and nipples or having their own breasts and nipples stimulated. A small survey conducted in 2008 suggested that between a quarter and a third of men married to women have sucked their partner’s nipples. It’s not uncommon for these sexual interests to transfer into a sexual interest in breastfeeding, also called erotic lactation. From a psychological perspective, erotic lactation can also help people fulfill their emotional and physical sexual desires.

Couples may engage in erotic lactation after a pregnant person’s natural milk supply comes in. Simply suckling on the breast can also trigger lactation without pregnancy. So can a breast pump, supplements and the birth control pill. Many couples use a combination of these methods to trigger lactation.

Couples who engage in erotic lactation may say they’re in an adult nursing relationship, or ANR for short. Two people in an exclusive relationship may identify as a nursing couple. People may also satisfy their interest in erotic lactation outside their relationship with a sex worker offering lactation services. Someone breastfeeding may act as an adult or role-play the part of a baby. This kind of role-play, called infantilism, may involve wearing diapers, calling the breastfeeding partner “mommy”, and using baby talk. Going to one of Japan’s breast milk bars is another way to satisfy an interest in erotic lactation.

An interest in erotic lactation often goes hand in hand with fetishes such as milk fetishism and lactophilia. However, that’s not always the case. While some people feel erotic lactation satisfies a fetish for them, others say it simply adds another dimension to their sex life. These people feel aroused by breastfeeding but don’t feel they need it for sexual gratification.

More About Erotic Lactation

Many people enjoy erotic lactation simply because it feels good. Breastfeeding stimulates the nerve endings in the breasts and nipples, which can be a real turn-on. People attracted to breasts often enjoy getting close to them through breastfeeding. Breastfeeding as an adult is also taboo. Some people may feel an extra layer of arousal knowing that they’re enjoying an activity which goes against social norms.

Some people also feel uncomfortable about feeling aroused when they’re breastfeeding. They may experience this “guilty pleasure” when breastfeeding a child or an adult partner. Feelings of shame may come because society says the chief function of breastfeeding is providing nutrients to a child, not erotic pleasure. Erotic lactation is also linked to age play, which can make some people feel uneasy. Having a partner comfortable with erotic lactation can help someone become more comfortable with the arousal they feel. Exploring erotic lactation with an adult partner can also help someone channel the sexual arousal they may feel when breastfeeding their child.

Watching someone breastfeed an infant or engaging in adult breastfeeding are some of the most common ways people satisfy their interest in erotic lactation. However, there is a range of other activities people interested in erotic lactation may enjoy. Couples may play BDSM-style lactation games, where a submissive role plays that they are forced to drink milk or a submissive lactating person gets milked by a dominant partner. These games are sometimes called milk play. They may also watch lactation pornography. Some people may enjoy pumping their breasts to trigger lactation, either alone or with a partner.

While the breast and nipple are highly erogenous zones, some people are unable to become sexually aroused while lactating. These people may not feel the same sexual arousal their breastfeeding partners do, but they may enjoy watching how turned on their partner gets. They may also enjoy the feeling of being close to a breastfeeding partner.


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