Dread Koosh Flogger

Updated: SEPTEMBER 8, 2022

A dread Koosh flogger is a flogger with rubber Koosh balls, a type of rubber children’s toy, at its end. It was developed by a member of a Usenet newsgroup dedicated to the BDSM lifestyle.

The dread Koosh floggers make a powerful impact, yet don’t cause the painful sting common to so many other floggers that are commercially available.

More About Dread Koosh Flogger

Dread Koosh floggers land against the body with a solid thud. They create impact without stinging, which makes them an attractive toy for BDSM couples who don’t enjoy pain play. With a dread Koosh flogger, a dominant can assert their power without hurting the submissive. They are considered the gold standard of “thuddy” floggers and the stuff of BDSM legend.

Dread Koosh floggers are not commercially available at body-safe sex toy stores. However, creating one at home is easy. All you need is a few Koosh balls and something to attach them to, such as strips of leather or rope.

Since they’re made from children’s toys, dread Koosh floggers are some of the safest floggers to use. However, as with all types of BDSM paraphernalia, users should exercise some caution. The back is the safest part of the body for flogging. However, stay away from the spine as a dread Koosh flogger can injure the vertebrae. Use caution flogging other, more sensitive areas like the breasts, thighs, and buttocks. You should never flog the head, face, neck, hands, or feet. Couples playing with a dread Koosh flogger should always communicate to get the most out of the experience.

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