Dead Hand

Updated: JULY 27, 2018

Dead hand is a term for a hand that has lost its regular feelings of circulation. Dead hand can be an unfortunate circumstance of sleeping the wrong way. However, some people purposely give themselves a dead hand to enhance the sensations of masturbation. These people are said to be members of the Dead Hand Gang. The masturbation technique is called The Stranger.

More About Dead Hand

People usually give themselves a dead hand by sitting on their hand until it feels numb or “falls asleep.” This process usually takes around 10 minutes.

After getting a dead hand, members of the Dead Hand Gang masturbate with the impaired hand. They say that while they can feel the sensations on their genitals, they cannot feel their genitals with their numb hand, so masturbating with a dead hand essentially feels like someone else is touching them intimately.

As feeling with return to the hand in time, some people sit on their opposite hand while masturbating with the dead hand. They then switch hands once the feeling returns to the original dead hand.
Anecdotal evidence suggests that masturbating with a dead hand is more common among men than women.

People have long tried the dead hand technique to make masturbation feel more like the touch of an intimate partner. However, it entered the mainstream recently when a character on the British comedy The Inbetweeners masturbated with a dead hand.


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